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风险批露: 交易股票、外汇、商品、期货、债券、基金等金融工具或加密货币属高风险行为,这些风险包括损失您的部分或全部投资金额,所以交易并非适合所有投资者。加密货币价格极易波动,可能受金融、监管或政治事件等外部因素的影响。保证金交易会放大金融风险。
Fusion Media提醒您,本网站所含数据未必实时、准确。本网站的数据和价格未必由市场或交易所提供,而可能由做市商提供,所以价格可能并不准确且可能与实际市场价格行情存在差异。即该价格仅为指示性价格,反映行情走势,不宜为交易目的使用。对于您因交易行为或依赖本网站所含信息所导致的任何损失,Fusion Media及本网站所含数据的提供商不承担责任。
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本网站的广告客户可能会根据您与广告或广告主的互动情况,向Fusion Media支付费用。

תרגום "brokers, who are" לסינית

The legislation includes controls on arms brokers, who are required to seek government authorisation to take part in the trade and also to request licenses for each individual deal they 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 mediate.

"The entire transplant tourism industry relies on secrecy, making it impossible to determine whether donor information provided by organ brokers, who are motivated by financial gain, is accurate," reads the policy.

Experienced management team:our management team is constituted by domestic famous branding experts, experienced strategic consultants and entertainment brokers, who are all engaged in the 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 aspects of strategy and management for several years.

This shows that the group of individuals under the supervision of the Special Currency Police Unit are potentially at a higher risk level than traditional intermediaries or brokers, who are subject to forms of prudential monitoring by the industry authorities, such as the Ufficio Italiano dei Cambi, the Bank of Italy, CONSOB, ISVAP and the Ministry of Production.

Brokers, who are currently carrying out their work 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 in most countries without any regulation, are to 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 a great extent responsible for diverting weapons to illicit destinations, including transfers to regions of conflict - sometimes even in violation of arms embargoes imposed by the Security Council - or directing arms to States where serious abuses of human rights occur.

תוצאות נוספות

Our mission is to provide accurate information 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 to real and potential investors, brokers and others who are seeking opportunities for obtain the investment loan and have an interest on the benefits and risks of alternative investments.

We offer an integrated MT5-based solution, MT5 Gateway, to brokers who are interested in expanding their product line. This 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 is the simplest and most efficient way for people 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 looking to enter interesting target markets and searching for a reliable and low-fee broker for each of them.

We invite all who are able and willing to work together with us in this area who are willing to ignore all sorts of illusory proposals emanating from «brokers-jokers», who are willing to try to get both feet 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 on our sinful earth of the harsh reality, who can understand and always remember the phrase "reality kills, but the unreality of gives a chance to hope" who are ready to really follow 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 the existing realities of the business, banking regulations and procedures.

合作 一流 的经纪商,
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