This is the meaning of 怎麼樣:

怎麼樣 ( Chinese)



  1. how; what; in what way
    你 學習 怎麼樣?
    How is your study?
  2. all that; not much of; not be hard on
  3. how about; what about
    我們 等 下 他們 吧,怎麼樣?
    Shall we wait for them?


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怎麽辦 (Chinese) 怎麽辦 is a variant form of 怎麼辦.

(Translingual) Han character 怞 (radical 61 心+05, 8.

(Translingual) Han character 怃 (radical 61 心+04, 7.

怃然 (Chinese) 怃然 is the simplified form of 憮然. For.Expertoption怎么樣_百度知道

(Translingual) Han character 怈 (radical 61 心+05, 8.

(Translingual) Han character 怘 (radical 61 心+05, 9.

(Translingual) Han character 怖 (radical 61 心+05, 8.Expertoption怎么樣_百度知道

怖がる (Japanese) Alternative forms 恐がる Verb to fear;.

怖い (Japanese) Alternative forms 恐い Origin &.

怖さ (Japanese) Noun 怖さ (こわさ) fear

怖れ (Expertoption怎么樣_百度知道 Japanese) Noun 怖れ (おそれ) Alternative form of.


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